Synectics \se-‘nek’tiks\-noun. A unique system of creative problem solving by a group of diverse individuals.

All architectural design is essentially problem solving; attempting to merge the sometimes contradictory natures of budget, environment, engineering, law and logistics into a comfortable and functional human aesthetic.

Through educated decision making and innovative creative thinking, the architectural team at Synectic Design uses a process that brings their personal experiences and areas of expertise together to integrate building elements into unique expressions that address all of these concerns.

We adapt the physical and legal necessities of the site to the moods and desires of the client – from the somber and historically-contexturalized atmosphere of a veteran’s memorial, to the free nature of the anarchistic teen skate culture, to the precision requirements of the health care industry.

Under the leadership of our principle architects and their project managers, the final result is an elegant blend of the complex and varied architectural vocabulary weaving together an aesthetic character and functional process that enhances the lives of those who experience it.