Laveen Pavillions

Laveen, AZ – Synectic Design was called upon to design a retail center located on the southeast cornerĀ of 35th and SouthernAvenue to contribute to the urban growth and neighborhood development of the area. The design consists of two main retail buildings totaling 64, 672 square feet, a smaller pad retail building of 3,600 square feet, a mid-sized retail pad at 6,000 square feet, a fast food restaurant pad and a Walgreens pharmacy with a drive through.

Impact on public services was minimal with no unusual loads being placed on any utilities, schools or recreation. Efficient parking lot and traffic flow design allows safe passage for pedestrians and has had little to no impact on the character of local traffic patterns. Rich colors, varying shade canopies, multiple building heights and architectural ornamentation bring a comfortable rural scale to the shops.

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