Luke AFB Kennel & Canine Training Facility

Luke AFB, AZ – This design-build project consisted of a 2,075 sq ft expansion of the existing Luke Air Force Base Kennel and Canine Training Facility. The new addition space is used for trainer offices, a canine exam room and other staff support areas.

“This should be a model for all kennels. Compared to the other kennels I have seen, Luke’s MWD (Military Working Dog) Kennel is the best – by far.”  -Tech Sgt. John Pillarella, 56th SFS Kennel Master

Improvements to the existing building include relocation of electrical service, panels and water heater, as well as a remodel of the existing staff restroom, shower and laundry area. A new roofing system to match the existing in material and color was overframed above the existing roof structure of the west portion of the building and spans over the entire addition.

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