Mz2 Multi-Family Development

Scottsdale, AZ – Project Mz2 will be a second phase to one of the most innovative new residential projects in the City of Scottsdale. With an emphasis on green-building, technology, and modern design, it provides a new benchmark of urban living. The project consists of 11 multi-family dwellings units ranging from 1187 to 1906 square feet each and a common pool/amenity area. There will be a mix of 6 two-bedroom units and 5 one-bedroom units all containing a living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as an enclosed 1- or 2-car garage.

Project Mz2 will utilize green building strategies including building orientation, passive solar design, natural day lighting, and passive cooling techniques. The project will promote the use of energy efficient systems, construction methods and alternative energy sources such a photovoltaic panels (PVs). This project will be a leader in demonstrating that environmentally responsible design can be attractive and affordable.

The project will also feature home automation technology that is expected to reduce energy consumption by an additional 10%. The automation technology will be designed in conjunction with Arizona Public Service (APS) to be ready for “smart grid” technology as it becomes available in the near future.

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