The Roosevelt Phase II

Tempe, AZ– Additional 19 single-family townhomes added to an existing development called The RooseveltEach townhouse has a platted property with open space and ingress/egress tracts, as well as separate sewer, electric and water with individual meters. Each townhouse has an enclosed 2-car garage with a minimum of one bicycle space (the 3-bedroom units have an additional space). Garage space is also allocated for solid waste and recycling bins. The yards have an HOA-controlled watering system but the care, maintenance and replacement of all plant materials is the responsibility of the individual townhouse owner.

Enhancements integrated into the design provide an inviting street-front residential feel. A wide sidewalk, turf with large shade trees, and a landscape planter with a variety of bushes all lead to a large covered front porch. Decorative CMU walls and a low metal privacy view fence are also within the front yard setback.