The Van Buren

    Phoenix, AZ- Downtown Phoenix’s newest concert venue is located in a historic structure at 4th Avenue & Van Buren Street that was the Phoenix Motor Company several decades ago.

Synectic Design worked with local concert promotor Charlie Levy to honor the original structure while modernizing it to create a 20,000 sf venue with a capacity of 1,900. Inside, a proscenium arch rimmed in gold leafing and measuring 40 feet wide and 28 feet tall serves as a gateway and focal point for The Van Buren’s enormous stage, which hosts a multitude of artists and acts. Exposed brick on the interior is a reminder of the venue’s history.

A mezzanine level consists of an H-shaped series of catwalks with wrought-iron railings overlooking both the 10,000-square-foot main room and the 4,000-square-foot lobby. Curtains can be hung from the structure to divide the venue for certain events, creating a multi-purpose venue. Remodel work includes interior construction, plumbing / electrical upgrades to existing systems, addition of mechanical and fire sprinkler systems, and outdoor patio