Swift Transportation Company

Multiple Locations – We have completed a multitude of projects for Swift Transportation Company, including:

Fuel Dispensing Station Renovations, Phoenix AZ and Memphis TN: These projects included providing a new 6600 gallon tank at each facility for diesel exhaust fuel (DEF), plus lines and dispensers and required electrical work. The work for each facility was planned in 2 separate phases to allow the stations to remain operable during construction.

New Driver Training and Skills Centers, Phoenix AZ and Memphis TN: The development of new 5,763 sq ft Driver Training and Skills Centers. The Centers include classrooms for instruction, administrative offices and support areas. Work also includes MPE systems and associated site improvements. The Phoenix facility is an addition to an existing warehouse, and the Memphis facility is a free-standing building.

New Administration Building, Jurupa Valley, CA: Please find additional information on this project here.

New Fuel Island and Office, Jurupa Valley, CA: The demolition of the existing 4,402 sq ft fuel island and the development of a new fuel island for the use of the Swift Transportation drivers. Construction includes an 8-lane fuel island with steel canopy, a fuel dispenser system connected to existing underground fuel tanks and a 900 sq ft office adjacent to the fuel island.

Terminal Addition, Salt Lake City UT: A 1,100 sq ft addition to an existing truck bay.

Transfer Platforms: Platforms designed at the request of Swift Transportation for use at their trucking facilities. the platform is designed to facilitate the transfer of items from one truck to another during driver changes, mitigating driver injuries incurred during the transfer process.

Maintenance/Storage Facility Improvements, Pasco WA: This project included the installation of a new propane tank and infrared tube heaters in the existing Truck Maintenance and Storage Building.

Welding Canopies, Buckeye AZ: Located at the Lewis State Prison Complex, this was the development of a new, 10,869 sq ft rigid-frame canopy structure on a new concrete slab with lighting, electrical outlets for welding equipment and a compressed air piping system for operation of air tools.

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